Frequently Asked Questions

The registration process on the Teach Connect website typically takes a few minutes to complete.

No, there is no fee required on Teach Connect. It is free to create an account and post your resume.

Teach Connect does not guarantee a position in an international school. It serves as a platform to connect teachers with potential job opportunities, but the final decision rests with the schools and their hiring processes.

Teach Connect provides options for selecting preferred destinations and schools during the registration process. However, the availability of positions may vary based on demand and school requirements.

Yes, you can edit and update your resume on Teach Connect at any time. It is recommended to keep your profile and resume up to date to increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters.

Teach Connect provides notifications or updates when your resume is viewed or shortlisted by a recruiter. You may receive email notifications or see updates in your account dashboard.

Teach Connect serves as a platform to connect teachers with schools, but it doesn’t actively search for positions on your behalf. Teachers can browse available job listings and apply to the positions that match their qualifications and preferences.

Teach Connect does not assign teachers to specific schools. It facilitates the connection between teachers and schools, but the final decision on hiring rests with the schools themselves.

The office address of Teach Connect is F807, Aparna Hill Park Silver Oaks, Chandanagar, Near PJR Road, Gangaram, Hyderabad, 500050.

Employers registered on Teach Connect have access to the candidate database and can search and review candidate profiles and resumes directly through the platform.

Teach Connect usually provides contact information or a support system on their website. You can check their "Contact Us" column or support page for the relevant contact details to reach out for assistance.

Teach Connect provides an interface where you can log in to your account and make updates to your resume and profile information. You can edit and modify the necessary sections to ensure your resume reflects your qualifications and experience accurately.

Teach Connect generally allows you to control the visibility of your resume. You may have options to hide or restrict your resume from specific recruiters or schools you decide.

The duration is usually one year. Your profile will actively be visible to all recruiters for about a period of one year. It is advisable to check Teach Connect's policies or terms of service for specific details regarding profile expiration or deactivation.

It is generally recommended to start the process early to avoid disappointment. There will be a typical recruitment timeline for every school, and if your job is posted early on the portal, it is easier for recruiters to view your resume.

The specific documents required vary for each school. Please upload the documents that are required. Based on the interview and mutual agreement, you can share additional documents with the respective school.

Teach Connect doesn't impose any age restrictions for registration. However, the applicant has to meet the specific age requirements and policies of schools for hiring teachers. It is advisable to review the job postings and requirements for more information.

It depends on the specific requirements of the schools you are interested in. Some schools may consider candidates who are in the process of obtaining their teaching qualification, while others may require the qualification to be completed before applying. It is best to contact the schools directly for further clarification on their policies.

Teach Connect typically provides a platform where schools and recruiters can post job opportunities. You can browse through these opportunities after registration and choose which ones to apply to. However, you may not have direct control over which recruiters or schools specifically reach out to you. You can turn down requests if you do not wish to work with a certain recruiter.

Teach Connect may offer courses or resources to support continuous professional development and upskilling. It is advisable to explore their website or contact their support team for information on available courses and resources.

Some schools may prioritize recent experience; however, it is understandable that a teacher takes a break from service. Each school has its own hiring criteria and may consider factors such as past experience, qualifications, and personal circumstances. It’s recommended to highlight transferable skills and any relevant professional development during the break to strengthen your application.

Completing the registration process and uploading your documents on Teach Connect does not guarantee a job. Teach Connect serves only as a platform to connect teachers with potential job opportunities, but the final decision on hiring rests with the schools and their specific requirements.

Recruiters and schools registered on Teach Connect may reach out to you directly, and you can also create an appointment for your interview through the available calendar. However, the frequency and method of communication can vary based on the recruiters and schools involved. Teach Connect does not take responsibility for providing job opportunities; it merely serves as a platform to create visibility for job applications.

To create a recruiter account on Teach Connect, you can visit the website and look for the "Sign Up" or "Create Account" option. Follow the instructions provided, which usually involve providing your contact information, creating a username and password, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

When setting up your recruiter profile on Teach Connect, you will typically be asked to provide details such as your name, company name, job title, contact information (email, phone number), and a brief description of your organization or recruitment agency.

After logging into your recruiter account on Teach Connect, navigate to the job posting section. There, you will usually find an option to "Post a Job" or "Create Job Listing." Fill in the relevant details about the position, such as job title, location, requirements, and application instructions.

The fee structure for job listings on Teach Connect may vary. It's advisable to check the platform's pricing or contact their customer support to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding any fees associated with posting job listings.

Yes, on Teach Connect, recruiters can typically search for and view candidate profiles that match their hiring criteria. The platform may provide search filters and options to narrow down the candidate pool based on factors like location, qualifications, experience, and skills.

Teach Connect typically provides a messaging or communication feature that allows recruiters to contact candidates who have applied to their job listings. You can use this feature to send messages or emails to candidates regarding their application status, schedule interviews, or request additional information.

The specific limit on the number of job listings you can post on Teach Connect may vary depending on the platform's policies. It's advisable to refer to the platform's guidelines or contact their customer support for accurate information on any restrictions or limitations.

Yes, Teach Connect typically allows recruiters to edit or remove their job listings after they have been posted. You can log into your recruiter account, locate the relevant job listing, and look for options such as "Edit" or "Delete" to make the necessary changes or remove the listing.

Teach Connect usually provides a dashboard or a section within your recruiter account where you can track the status of your job listings and view applicant details. This section may display information such as the number of applications received, candidate profiles, and their application status (e.g., pending, shortlisted, interviewed).

Teach Connect may offer resources or tools to help recruiters evaluate and assess candidates. These can include features like candidate assessment tests, interview question suggestions, or access to candidate portfolios and resumes. Check the platform's features or contact their support team for specific information on available resources.

Yes, Teach Connect typically provides notification or alert features to inform recruiters when new candidates matching their criteria become available. These notifications can be sent via email, in-platform messages, or through a separate notification center within your recruiter account.

To update your recruiter profile information on Teach Connect, log into your account and navigate to the profile or settings section. Look for options like "Edit Profile" or "Account Settings," where you can make changes to your contact details, company information, or any other relevant information.

Teach Connect may provide guidelines or best practices for creating effective job listings. These guidelines often include tips on writing clear and engaging job descriptions, specifying requirements and qualifications, and highlighting the unique aspects of the position or your organization. Look for any available resources or tips provided by Teach Connect when creating your job listings.

Teach Connect may offer options to promote your job listings and increase their visibility to potential candidates. These options can include featured listings, sponsored placements, or enhanced search visibility. Check the platform's features, advertising options, or reach out to their support team to explore promotional opportunities.

Teach Connect typically implements measures to ensure the privacy and security of candidate information. These measures can include data encryption, secure server infrastructure, and adherence to data protection regulations. The platform may also have privacy policies and terms of service that outline their commitment to protecting candidate information.

Teach Connect is an exclusive website for teacher recruitment and matching recruiters with the right jobseekers. It is a one-stop solution for all teachers to upskill their teaching knowledge and find relevant job opportunities.

Teach Connect may offer additional services or features specifically designed for recruiters. These can include applicant tracking systems, candidate management tools, analytics and reporting features, or access to recruitment events and fairs. Review the platform's offerings or contact their support team to learn about any additional services available.

Teach Connect typically provides channels for users to provide feedback or report issues they encounter. Look for options like "Contact Us," "Support," or "Feedback" on the platform's website to reach out to their customer support team. They will guide you on the appropriate steps to share your feedback or report any problems.

Teach Connect may offer training or support resources to help recruiters maximize their experience on the platform. These resources can include user guides, tutorials, webinars, or a dedicated support team to assist with any questions or challenges you may have. Check the platform's resources section or contact their support team for more information.

To close or deactivate your recruiter account on Teach Connect, reach out to their customer support team via email or through a dedicated account closure option, if available. They will guide you through the process and ensure that your account is properly closed or deactivated according to the platform's procedures.